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Guangdong Investment Limited (the "Company"), formerly known as Union Globe Development Limited ("Union Globe"), was incorporated in 1973 and obtained its listing status on the stock market in Hong Kong in the same year. In January 1987, an enterprise owned by the Guangdong provincial government acquired a majority stake in Union Globe and then changed its name to Guangdong Investment Limited. The Company (stock code: 0270) is currently listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited and is a constituent stock of the Hang Seng China Enterprises Index*, the Hang Seng China-Affiliated Corporations Index and the Hang Seng Composite Industry Index - Utilities. The Company is a subsidiary of 廣東粤海控股集團有限公司 (formerly known as 廣東粤海控股有限公司) (Guangdong Holdings Limited) which holds an approximately 56.49% equity interest in the Company.

The Group is principally engaged in five core businesses, namely, water resources, infrastructure, property investment and development, department store operation and hotel ownership, operation and management.

The water resources business mainly covers natural water supply, tap water supply, sewage treatment and waterworks construction. The natural water supply business is conducted under the Dongshen Water Supply project which provides natural water to Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Dongguan regions. The tap water supply business mainly consists of the Wuzhou Water Supply project, the Qingxi Water Supply project and the Meizhou Water Supply project. The sewage treatment business includes the Meizhou Sewage project, the Wuzhou Sewage project and the Jinsheng Sewage project.

Investments in other infrastructure projects comprise electric power generation and road and bridge operation. The energy projects mainly consist of the Zhongshan Power Plant project and the Yudean Jinghai Power project. The Zhongshan Power Plant project has two 300 MW heat and power generation units. The total installed capacity of the Yudean Jinghai Power project (of which the Group holds a 25% effective interest) is 3,200 MW. The road and bridge business is conducted under the Xingliu Expressway project which comprises a main line of 99.6 km in length and three connection lines (to Xingye, Guigang and Hengxian) with an aggregate length of 52.7 km. On 8 June 2016, the Company entered into a cooperation agreement with 東莞市謝崗鎮人民政府 (Dongguan City Xiegang Town People's Government) in respect of the Yinping PPP Project, a public-private-partnership project for the development of certain A-grade highways, connecting roads and municipal roads (not being toll roads) and the related ancillary support services such as drainage, greening and lighting in 銀瓶創新區 (Yinping Innovation Zone) in Dongguan, Guangdong.

The property investment and development business mainly consists of the Guangdong Teem project, the Tianjin Teem project and the Panyu Wanbo CBD project. Department store operation business includes the Guangdong Teemall Department Store, Tianjin Teem Store and the Teemall Wanbo Department Store.

With regard to hotel operation and management business, the Group owns five hotels in Hong Kong and Mainland China including The Wharney Guangdong Hotel Hong Kong, Guangdong Hotel (Hong Kong) and Sheraton Guangzhou Hotel. In addition, the Group’s hotel management team is currently managing about 30 hotels in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China.

On 18 April 2017, the Company completed the acquisition of approximately 73.82% of the issued share capital of Guangdong Land Holdings Limited (“GD Land”) from GDH Limited, the immediate holding company of the Company. For details of the business of GD Land, please refer to GD Land’s website (http://www.gdland.com.hk).

*Admitted as a constituent to the Hang Seng China Enterprises Index effective from 5 March 2018.