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Mainland China

Teem Plaza

As at 31 December 2023, the Group held an effective interest of 76.13% (2022: 76.13%) in 廣東粵海天河城(集 團)股份有限公司 (GDH Teem (Holdings) Limited) (“Guangdong Teem”) and its subsidiaries, and held an effective interest of 76.02% (2022: 76.02%) in Tianjin YueHai Teem Shopping Center Co., Ltd. (collectively the “GDH Teem”). GDH Teem operates several shopping malls in Mainland China including Teem Plaza, Panyu Teemmall, Guangzhou Comic City, Shenzhen Teemmall, 粵海天地 (Yuehai Tiandi) and Tianjin Teemmall.

Tianjin YueHai Teem Shopping Mall

The Group holds an effective interest of 76.02% in Tianjin YueHai Teem Shopping Center Co., Ltd., the property owner of Tianjin YueHai Teem Shopping Mall. Tianjin YueHai Teem Shopping Mall, with a total gross floor area of approximately 205,000 square metres, of which 145,000 square metres is held for rental purposes, is situated at a convenient location above underground railroads and is one of the leading shopping and leisure destinations in the renowned “Binjiang Dao – Heping Road” Commercial District in Tianjin. 

Panyu GDH Plaza

The Group's effective interest in 廣州市萬亞投資管理有限公司 (Guangzhou City Wanye Investment Management Company Limited*) ("Wanye") is 31.06%. 廣州粤海天河城投資有限公司, a 60%-owned subsidiary of GDTeem, directly holds a 68% interest in Wanye.

Wanye owns Panyu GDH Plaza which is a large-scale integrated commercial project with a total gross floor area of approximately 383,000 square metres (including car-parking spaces) and located in Panyu Wanbo Central Business District.

The development of the commercial residential units and offices of Panyu GDH Plaza with a total gross floor area of approximately 166,000 square metres (including car-parking spaces) had been completed and are available for sale, of which properties with gross floor area of approximately 109,700 square metres are held for sale.

The shopping mall complex of Panyu GDH Plaza, known as Panyu Teemall, comprises two connected shopping areas. Panyu Teemall has a total gross floor area of approximately 217,000 square metres (including car-parking spaces), of which the commercial area for lease is approximately 144,000 square metres.

Hong Kong

Guangdong Investment Tower

Guangdong Investment Tower is a 28-storey commercial building, which includes offices and a shop, located on Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong. The Group holds a total floor space of approximately 14,132 square metres in this building.

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Prime Office for Lease - Guangdong Investment Tower

1. General Information

Guangdong Investment Tower is situated at 148 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong, with total gross area of 18,956 m2 (around 204,055 sq ft) spread over 28 floors (except the 4th, 14th and 24th floor). Ground floor is for retail purpose; while  the 1st floor and above are offices. The Building is located in the heart of Sheung Wan commercial area with hotels, banks and shopping malls nearby and it enjoys the convenience of transportation, including MTR station, Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal and Western Harbour Crossing Tunnel; and is managed by a world's leading property agent.

2. Leasing Details

Building Address:148 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong

Area :785-7,733 sq. ft.

Usage:For office use

Building design:Concrete structural

Handover conditions:As-is

Terms:1-3 year

Others terms & conditions:As per the landlord’s standard Tenancy Agreement

3. Enquiry : 2860 4438

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