About Us

Company Strategy

The Group is committed to optimising the operational efficiency of its existing businesses and expanding its core businesses in order to generate continuous and steady investment returns for shareholders. By optimising asset portfolio, strengthening capital operation, enhancing management standard and corporate governance, the Group endeavours to further increase its competitive strengths and enhance its market influence, providing strong support for the long-term, steady and sustainable development of the enterprise.

According to its strategic development plan, the Group will continue to develop its water resources business in a proactive and prudent manner. The Group continues to explore market investment opportunities in areas such as untreated water, urban water supply, sewage treatment and waterworks construction. The Group will fasten the pace of project acquisitions in an effort to further expand its scale, while continuing to optimize its asset structure and facilitate further business integration.

Faced with the trend of globalization, the Group will continue to capitalize on Hong Kong's status as an international financial centre, improve its capital utilization efficiency and strengthen its capital management capabilities. Meanwhile, the Group will optimize its human resources operations and further improve the professionalism of its management. The Group will step up its efforts in strengthening corporate culture and increase corporate core competitiveness.