Core Businesses

Department Store Operations

Department Stores Operations

The Group holds an effective interest of approximately 85.2% in both 廣東天河城百貨有限公司 (Guangdong Teemall Department Stores Ltd.*) ("GDTDS") and 廣州市天河城萬博百貨有限公司 ("天河城萬博"). GDTDS operates Teemall Store in Teem Plaza. GDTDS also operates Teemall Store – Beijing Road Branch (Ming Sheng Store), 奧體歐萊斯名牌折扣店 (Ao Ti Store), 東圃百貨店 (Dong Pu Store), 東莞第一國際百貨店 (Dongguan Store), and佛山南海百貨店 (Nanhai Store). 天河城萬博 operates 天河城百貨歐萊斯折扣店 (Wan Bo Store). The seven stores have a total leased area of approximately 136,300 square metres.

The Group's effective interest in 廣東永旺天河城商業有限公司 (Guangdong Aeon Teem Co., Ltd.*) ("GD Aeon Teem") is 26.65%. GD Aeon Teem is jointly invested by 廣東天河城百貨發展有限公司 (Guangdong Teemall Department Store Holdings Ltd.*), the Group's 76.13%-owned subsidiary, and a Japanese company.

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