Core Businesses



Zhongshan Power Plant

The Group's effective interest in 中山火力發電有限公司 (Zhongshan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.*) ("Zhongshan Thermal Power") is 71.25%. Zhongshan Thermal Power has two power generation units with a total installed capacity of 600 MW.

The construction of the two new 300 MW heat and electricity supply plants was completed and they commenced operation during the first half of 2016 to replace two former power generation units.

Guangdong Yudean Jinghai Power Generation Co., Ltd. ("Yudean Jinghai Power")

The Group's effective interest in Yudean Jinghai Power is 25%. Yudean Jinghai Power has four power generation units with a total installed capacity of 3,200 MW.

Guangdong Yuejia Electric Power Co., Ltd ("Meixian Power Plant")

The Group's effective interest in Meixian Power Plant is 12.25%. Guangdong Power Investment Limited, a 49% associate of the Company, holds 25% interest in Meixian Power Plant.


Xingliu Expressway

The Group wholly-owns廣西新長江高速公路有限責任公司 (Guangxi Xinchangjiang Gonglu Company Limited*), which is principally engaged in the operation of the Xingliu Expressway.

The Xingliu Expressway forms part of the G80 Guangzhou-Kunming Expressway that connects Yunnan Province, Guangxi and Guangdong Province. The Xingliu Expressway is a toll road located in Guangxi and it runs from Xingye County, Yulin City to Liujing Town, Hengxian County in Nanning City. The Xingliu Expressway commenced operation in August 2003 with five toll stations and two service zones. The Xingliu Expressway comprises a main line which is 99.6 km in length and three connection lines (in Xingye, Guigang and Hengxian) with an aggregate length of 52.7 km.

Yinping PPP Project

On 8 June 2016, the Company entered into a cooperation agreement with 東莞市謝崗鎮人民政府 (Dongguan City Xiegang Town People's Government) in respect of a public-private-partnership project (the “Yinping PPP Project”) for the development of certain A-grade highways, connecting roads and municipal roads (not being toll roads) (the “Project Roads”) and the related ancillary support services such as drainage, greening and lighting in 銀瓶創新區 (Yinping Innovation Zone) in Dongguan, Guangdong, the People’s Republic of China.

The Group shall be responsible for, inter alia, the provision of funding for the development of the Project Roads with the development costs not exceeding RMB4.754 billion, and project management and maintenance of the Project Roads.